SAF+ Consortium

SAF+ Consortium (SAF+), a Canadian world leader in aviation clean energy, provides best- in-class technology integration to deliver a sustainable and exceptional commercially-ready solution for the decarbonization of the aviation sector.


The SAF+ Consortium was established out of a shared commitment to address the urgent need for sustainable aviation fuels. We are a team of innovative thinkers, environmental scientists, engineers, and business leaders, who came together with the goal of revolutionizing the aviation fuel industry. Guided by the urgency of the climate crisis, we have developed a solution to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of aviation, through the production of synthetic electro-sustainable aviation fuel known as e-SAF.


Pioneer the transition to sustainable aviation by reducing the carbon footprint of aviation fuel to Net Zero Emissions by 2050 while contributing to global sustainability.


Develop a global portfolio of infrastructure projects to deliver e-SAF worldwide, helping the aviation sector to achieve its net zero emissions target by 2050, while providing an efficient decarbonization solution for large industrial emitters by capturing and utilizing CO2 emissions in the e-SAF production process.


Innovation, sustainability, collaboration, integrity, and excellence are at the core of our values. We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to solve pressing environmental issues and are committed to operating with transparency and integrity.


Our Board of Directors is comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse sectors, including aviation, renewable energy, technology, finance, and environmental sciences. Their collective knowledge and expertise guide our strategic decisions and keep us aligned with our mission and vision.

Jean Paquin – President & CEO
President and CEO
Alexandru Iordan
Executive Vice President, Technology
Pierre Gonthier
Vice President, Legal Affairs


Our leadership team is a dynamic group of professionals, whose commitment to sustainable energy solutions and relentless pursuit of innovation drives our company forward. They oversee our day-to-day operations, ensuring that we stay true to our mission of providing aviation clean energy.

President and CEO
Claude0023JLecompte_V2-683x1024 (1)
Claude Richard
Chief Operating Officer
Dominique Chausse
Dominique Chaussé
Chief Financial Officer
Alexandru Iordan
Executive Vice President, Technologie
Pierre Gonthier
Vice President, Legal Affairs
Suzanne Benoit
Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships


SAF+ brings together a coalition of prominent actors spanning the entire aviation value chain with the objective of providing a sustainable commercial solution for low-carbon flying.

Join the Transition

E-SAF is one of the most immediate and efficient solutions for the aviation industry to meet their 2050 Fly Net Zero commitments. Talk to us about this unique opportunity to take the lead in this emerging sector.