H2V and SAF+ Consortium sign an agreement for industrial cooperation on e-fuels

Plane taking off

Paris, October 12, 2023 — H2V, a French player in the green hydrogen sector, and SAF+ Consortium, a Canadian world leader in the production and marketing of e-SAF (Electro Sustainable Aviation Fuel), have selected Marseille, Fos, as an ideal location to pool their respective expertise and offer e-SAF as an alternative to kerosene — a solution that is being eagerly awaited by the aviation sector. Following a study phase, the two groups will confirm their joint intention to produce 80,000 tonnes of e-SAF by 2030.

“Our strategy is to prioritize green hydrogen for sectors that have no other decarbonization alternatives, such as the aviation and maritime sectors, which urgently need innovative solutions to reduce their CO2 emissions,” said Alexis Martinez, Managing Director of H2V. “This agreement will help us move quickly to meet the challenges of climate change.”

“This strategic partnership strengthens our leadership and accelerates our international expansion,” added Jean Paquin, President and CEO of SAF+ Consortium. “Our cutting-edge technology integration capabilities enable us to offer a sustainable and exceptional commercial solution for the decarbonization of the aviation sector that incorporates existing infrastructures. We are proud to be working with H2V to implement this promising project.”

About H2V

As a pioneer, H2V has been working since 2016 to produce green hydrogen for two uses that urgently need to be decarbonized:
  • Industry: To replace the grey hydrogen currently used by refineries and the chemical sector (whose production emits 10 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne produced), as well as coke (produced from coal) and natural gas (imported fossil fuel).
  • Heavy transportation: Replacing the diesel used by trucks, the heavy fuel oil used in maritime transport, and the kerosene used in aviation.
H2V is targeting mass production to optimize costs and offer competitive prices. Today, H2V’s most mature projects are strategically located in: Dunkirk (500 MW), Marseille Fos (600 MW), and Thionville (400 MW).

About SAF+ Consortium

SAF+ Consortium, a world leader in the production and marketing of e-SAF fuel, offers a sustainable and exceptional solution for decarbonizing the aviation sector. e-SAF is one of the only immediate and effective options available to the industry to achieve zero emissions by 2050. SAF+ Consortium has a state-of-the-art pilot plant in Montreal (Québec, Canada) where it has demonstrated its e-SAF production expertise and capabilities. SAF+ Consortium is making great strides in establishing an international e-SAF production portfolio with sites in Europe, North America and other regions of the world. The entry-into-service of the first plant is planned in 2028.