SAF+ Consortium takes the next step by partnering with Zeton

The SAF+ Consortium recently signed an agreement with the Ontario firm Zeton for the engineering, procurement and construction of its pilot plant that will produce sustainable kerosene. This partnership is an important step in the Consortium’s participation in Impact Canada’s “Sky’s the limit” challenge. As a finalist, it must produce at least 10 liters of sustainable kerosene by the end of 2020 to demonstrate the technological feasibility of its concept to reduce GHG emissions from civil aviation.

Zeton, a world leader in the design and construction of laboratory scale systems, pilot and demonstration plants, is a major asset to the Consortium.

 “Zeton is very happy to be selected as a partner to take part in this unique approach to CO2 utilization, which is becoming important to governments all around the world.  We are excited to work with SAF+ Consortium to design and build their pilot plant and look forward to supporting Jean and his team as they develop the technology and scale up to a commercial operation,” Adam Whalley, Director Business Development at Zeton.

“It is a privilege to work with Zeton on the design and manufacture of the SAF+ CO2 conversion pilot plant,” said Jean Paquin, President of the SAF+ Consortium. “Their extensive experience in the pilot plant field is an undeniable advantage in the “Sky’s the limit” challenge. This type of partnership will take the Consortium to another level, preparing us for eventual large-scale deployment,” he concludes.

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