First producer of e-fuel

The SAF+ Consortium (“SAF +”) is proud to announce one of the first productions of sustainable aviation fuel PtL (Power to Liquids) in North America. This production took place in its pilot factory, located at the ParaChem industrial site, east of Montreal. SAF+ aims to bring to market, by 2025-2026, synthetic kerosene whose carbon footprint is reduced by 80% compared to fossil kerosene. 


With the adoption of CORSIA and growing legislation around GHG emissions reduction, the aviation sector will need a significant amount of low-carbon fuels over the next 10 years.​ 

SAF+ Consortium’s goal is to bring to the market a drop-in, low-carbon alternative to fossil-based jet fuel with 80% lower lifecycle GHG emissions.​

We propose a circular economy solution

About us

Leveraging a highly innovative technology and approach, the SAF+ Consortium is bringing together for the first time in Canada a coalition of prominent actors spanning the entire aviation value chain with the objective of providing Canadians with a sustainable commercial solution for low carbon flying.

SAF+ Consortium Inc. partners include Airbus, Air Transat, Aéroports de Montréal, Aero Montréal, CCG, Parachem, École Polytechnique de Montréal, CIRAIG, CEPROCQ and Valorisation Carbone Québec Project.

Our Mission


Be leaders in offering solutions to reducing civil aviation industry’s environmental footprint


Designing sustainable and cleaner aviation fuels by using captured and converted flue gas obtained from industrial sources


Congregate leaders and renowned experts from the aviation, carbon management and industrial sectors, in order to generate robust solutions for aviation stakeholders


Help local industries reduce their emissions in response to the stringent and ever-growing regulations

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