Senior Chemical Engineer

SAF+ is Canada’s first company specialized on developing a new generation of production facilities for sustainable aviation fuel made from CO2 and green hydrogen. In 2021 we successfully commissioned and started up North America’s first pilot plant of this type, demonstrating the technology. In partnership with world class companies such as Air Transat and Airbus, we are developing the world’s first commercial project in Montreal, capable of converting 100kt of CO2 into 40 million liters of synthetic kerosene with 90% lower carbon footprint than fossil jet fuel.

We are looking for a talented Senior Chemical Process Engineer (SCPE) to lead, in conjunction with the Senior Project Manager (SPM), our development project in Montreal. This exciting endeavor has a CAPEX exceeding 200M$. The SCPE will play a first-hand role in building the team, structuring the project and leading the its execution up to final investment decisions. This individual will also be an Ambassador of Company’s culture and will serve as a model to promote behaviors supporting SAF+ values, principles, mission, and vision with our partners. The SCPE will foster innovative process management approaches that ensures employee motivation/engagement, cost control and profitability as well as on time delivery of projects.

The execution of the project must align with strategic SAF+ initiatives, and maintain compliance with all federal, provincial, and local code requirements. In addition to managing the internal process team, responsibilities will lead the set up in-house business processes, manage in conjunction with the SPM, engineering firms and utilize a stage-gated approach to project development.

The SCPE will also report project progress to the Project Steering Committee and will functionally report to the VP of Technology. Once the Montreal project is completed, the project team could be assigned to develop exciting new opportunities in Canada, US and EU.

We accept candidates from outside Canada. French being the language used at the workplace, SAF+ will assist candidates in their integration by offering learning opportunities to learn or improve their French.

If you are passionate about pioneering this clean way of fueling aircraft, please come and join us!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support, develop, and improve process architecture;
  • Monitor the technology landscape in the realm of e-fuels and sustainable aviation fuel;
  • Lead the economic and technical feasibility studies related to the deployment of novel or improved chemical processes and technologies in our portfolio of projects;
  • Oversee the engineering firms in conjunction with the SPM, during the engineering design, procurement, construction, modification, operation and maintenance of the plants, as needed, and formulate recommendations on chemical processes and equipment;
  • Communicate actively with SPM to ensure project objectives are achieved;
  • Ensure delivery of assigned objectives for scope, time, budget, and cash flow;
  • Build, lead and mentor the process team to accomplish milestones &objectives;
  • Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers;
  • Lead, implement and ensure adherence to health and Safety as well as environmental procedures & policies;
  • Implement decisions to improve business measurements such as Return on Total Asset earnings (ROTA), Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio (FATR), etc.;
  • Develop and implement quality control programs, operating procedures and control strategies;
  • Identify, protect and expand intellectual property of corporation;
  • Maximize asset utilization through value added engineering and lean design;
  • Lead efforts to resolve process and technology issues, drive innovation, and support the deployment of lessons learned in our portfolio of projects;
  • Scale production processes from prototype to full manufacturing capacity;
  • Development, design, and support of process simulations;

Qualifications/Skill/Experience Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering; an advanced degree in Engineering or MBA is a plus;
  • Minimum of 10+ years of recent experience in process design engineering in Syngas manufacturing and syngas utilization or other relevant biofuels, Oil and Gas or Petrochemical Industry. Has been lead process engineer on at least one project of $50M TIC in the past 5 years;
  • 10+ years of extensive process simulation experience using Aspen Plus, Hysys, Unisim, Aspen, or similar;
  • Knowledge of engineering disciplines: Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Control, etc.;
  • Good communication, listening and influencing skills;
  • Critical thinking skills;
  • Innovative thinking;
  • Able to work collaboratively with other groups;
  • Strong work ethic with excellent interpersonal skills;
  • French and English fluency. Spanish is a plus;
  • Some travel might be required depending on project demands (must have a valid passport and be able to travel).


  • Full-time position + flexible hours;
  • Project team based in Montreal, Canada. Whenever practical, remote work is allowed.
    Presence in person should be at least 2 days per week.

Please send your resume with a short presentation letter to M. Patrick Morneau:

SAF + does not discriminate. Hiring is subject to interview and qualification review. We thank all
applicants but only the applicants seen in the interview process will be contacted.