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SAF+ Consortium takes the next step by partnering with Zeton

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The SAF+ Consortium recently signed an agreement with the Ontario firm Zeton for the engineering, procurement and construction of its pilot plant that will produce sustainable kerosene. This partnership is an important step in the Consortium’s participation in Impact Canada’s “Sky’s the limit” challenge. As a finalist, it must produce at least 10 liters of […]


Transforming the aviation sector

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The aviation sector is essential to maintain a globally connected world, but its environmental impact has brought its “license to grow” under question for many. Solutions are available, “Now we need governments to build supportive policies to invigorate the sustainable fuels industry.” Read the article:  


The flight shame in the airline business

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“Flight shame – flyers feeling guilty about their carbon footprint” could significantly affect the airline sector’s bottom line in the years to come. SAF+ Consortium will produce a jet fuel with life cycle GHG emissions that will be 80% lower than fossil jet fuel in order to shrink the carbon footprint associated to flying. Read […]